Fantasy novels

Auntie Hook

Auntie Hook

Geoffrey Preach, a former hippy nearing middle age, meets an old lady he had known when he was a child, Mrs Ticehurst, always called Auntie Hook. He is surprised as she seems not a day older than when he had known her, over thirty years before. He is even more surprised when a hot-air balloon lands in her front garden, in suburban Surrey. It is piloted by a friend of hers, Boisterous Dan, a man dressed strangely in decidedly Nineteenth Century style. Auntie Hook gets into the balloon and lifts off with Dan, and Geoffrey, hoping somehow to protect her from danger, climbs in after her. But the balloon passes through mists over Sunbury and to Geoffrey`s shock emerges – in another world.

Jazzoo and the Wild Men

A fantasy novel.
It is the Stone Age. For centuries ice lay on the land, but now it has gone. The years of cold are ended. The great deciduous forests have again spread up from the south and Europe is covered in oak and beech and birch. And in these woods waves of men have made their homes.

Jazzoo, a young boy, abducted as a baby with his mother by raiders from the neighbouring valley, has started out from his settlement to find his father and reunite his parents. He expected danger and adventure in the wilds. He was completely unprepared for what he found.


Vespudias the Brave

Aeiear. A land of perpetual summer. Sunshine, white marble, vineyards. But Aeiear is a paradise existing side by side with bludgeoning poverty. The corrupt ossified government and haughty overweening aristocracy are making life intolerable for the common people. Vespudias. a farmers son, has become a soldier to help support his fathers farm. But when an arrogant officer kills his brother Vespudias attacks the officer, is arrested and sent half way across the empire to trial in the city of Larvar. In Larvar Vespudias meets two people, a street woman and a nobleman-turned- revolutionary. They change his life – for ever.